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Free Customer Service Training

In Ghana we realize customer service is a big deal in many service-providing companies hence little is done to correct this. At Rosak Consult, we are working to improve service experience in Ghana and beyond. Good customer service is vital for all businesses, large or small. It can have a direct impact on customer loyalty […]

Rosak Consult as a Global Competitive Startup

The African Network of Entrepreneurs, an award winning social enterprise in partnership with Avance Media, has released the list of startups nominated for the Ghana Startups Club 100 – a list of top 100 globally competitive startups in the country. Shortlisted from a comprehensive list of several groundbreaking and high growth startups by Ghanaians; ‘‘these […]

Shaping Africa’s Tourism

“Where is Africa rising to, when it is easier, 3 times cheaper, safer and less stressful to travel through Europe on a Nigerian passport than it is to travel through Africa?”, Nigerian Author and Satirist, Elnathan John, asked this recently on Twitter, and as we discuss the Tourism sector in Africa in course of this […]