Hotel / Restaurant Pre-Opening Consulting

We love to open hotels and restaurants! Our Rosak experts and partners, all experienced in the hospitality industry, provide a broad range of services to assist you in a successful opening.

As part of our Pre-opening support services, Rosak Consult will work closely with your project manager, architects, designers, and project team in every aspect of creating an accurate pre-opening work flow that ensures that plans are translated into an efficient operational frame work.

From hospitality properties positioning, branding and concept development, to monitoring standards of product and service, Rosak Consult will also assist in reviewing pre-opening budget, financial forecasting, and activities of the establishment (Hotel, Resturants, Coffee Shops,Events Houses,etc). Rosak Consult can assist in facilitating appointment of key executives, recruitment of capable personnel and contribute to overall marketing strategy and in the development, set-up and implementation of operating guidelines, policies and procedures.